Somewhere between Hapsburg and Honkytonk, swaying palm trees and swirling dark espresso, airy minimalism and waltzing Americana, the Sugarplum Fairies play melancholic songs on sparkling instruments. Think of an evening gown captured in Kodachrome. Gustav Klimt on Route 66. This is music for when you’ve been up all night but are still in control. Reminiscent of Nico and Leonard Cohen singing duets on accordion and ’58 Les Paul out by the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

On the upcoming album, 'Sunday Suddenly', SPF has crafted another expansive collection of austere Angeleno pop. The album was produced and mixed by Marlon Rabenreither (The Sister Ruby Band, Gold Star, Lael Neale), and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk (Ariel Pink, AA Bondy, Bonnie "Prince" Billy). It features guest performances by Charlie Clark (The Reindeer Section, Arab Strap, Snow Patrol), RT Valine (RT n' the 44s) and Taylor Borsuk (Skin & Bones).

(Paul Dichter)

Press Excerpts:

"The Sugarplum Fairies play the sort of cinematic dream-pop that drifts down from the dusty rafters and unfolds before the listener like the ghosts of 1000 Hotel California hangovers. The country cousin to Mazzy Star and Portishead, their songs are glimpses through tightly drawn curtains, vignettes of men and women in constant peril of being swallowed up by the vastness of their surroundings; the endless highways, the distant horizons, the wasted lives..." (Old Kentucky Blog)

"Lyrics aren't more than simple word combinations, stimulating thoughts you wish you'd had...Among softly strummed guitars, an e-bow, mandolin, piano, glockenspiel and occasional Mazzy Star moments, Sugarplum Fairies, stationed in California, manages to represent the complicated stages of being broken-hearted, depressed, funny, hot and spaced out all at once, and without complications." (Boston Weekly Dig)

"From a world of melancholia and penetrating songs comes Sugarplum Fairies, who are simply one of the best alt rock acts in the world right now, period. These songs are just so catchy and perfect that they feel like they've been around forever...They are the meeting place between the Velvet Underground and the Beatles" (Independent Artist Company/KIAC Radio)

"This amazing, haunting, chilly, beautiful voice sounds more like that Blue Angel who will entrance then destroy you than a sugarplum fairy that will pleasantly dance in your head." (Roctober)

"They sound like Belle and Sebastian crossed with The Cardigans...chances are the Carpenter-esque style meets Bacharach songsmith of Sugarplum Fairies will reel you in" (Munchkinmusic Belgium)

"There is moments where I hear a twinge of Aimee Mann, or a touch of The Sundays, or a musical vibe close to Cat Power, but then the music washes over me and I find them nothing but divinely unique. Sugarplum Fairies is nothing less than delicious arrays of brilliant, introspective lyrics, vocals that are calming and hypnotizing and instrumentation that is superb and soothing in effect." (One Times One)


Anna Karina, Velvet Underground, Francois Hardy, Jean-Luc Godard, John Lennon, Jean-Pierre Melville, Nico, Mazzy Star, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Lee Hazlewood, Girl on the Bridge, red wine